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Diabetes 2 Symptoms In Children

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

By >> David L W

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?
After the digestive system breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, the pancreatic system creates a hormone called insulin. Insulin is supposed to take glucose from the cells and blood vessels of the body to be used as energy. When the cells in the body gets resistant to the effects of insulin, glucose can build up to a high level in the bloodstream. Eventually the high blood sugar can then lead to other diabetic complications such as kidney failure and blindness.

Diabetes 2 Symptoms/Risk Factors:
If a child has diabetes type 2, then there are different risks and symptoms to look at.
> Obesity
> Family history of diabetes
> Ethnic backgrounds (American Indian, African-American, Asian, or Hispanic/Latino)
> Increased hunger or thirst
> Dry mouth
> Fatigue
> Constant Urination
> Blurred Vision
> Heavy breathing
> Itchy skin

Unexplained weight loss Studies have shown that the greatest risk for diabetes 2 symptoms in children is Obesity.

Consequences of Diabetes 2 Symptoms in Children
By having type 2 diabetes in children, symptoms may be minor in the beginning. However, serious health conditions may be developing. Other complications associated with type 2 diabetes in children or adults are:

  1. Loss of sight
  2. Kidney Malfunction
  3. Heart disease Blood circulation and nerve damage
  4. Early death from complications
  5. Ways to treat Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Step one in treating type 2 diabetes is for your child to visit a doctor. The doctor can assess if your child is obese according to age, bodyweight, and height. The doctor can also obtain tests of your child's blood sugar to determine if your child has diabetes or pre-diabetes.
If your child has diabetes, you and your child will work together with the doctor or other health professionals to develop a plan to control diabetes.
The objective is usually to reduce your child's blood glucose. The primary approach will be to make it possible for your child reach a normal weight. Your child's plan may include:

  • Understanding how to come up with a nutritious diet, mainly lowering the amount of fats and sweets
  • Intensifying physical activity to a minimum of around 30 minutes a day.

Type 2 Diabetes Prevention in Children
The same methods used to treat diabetes 2 symptoms in children could also prevent it. Cut back fats and sweets in your child's diet. Also, make sure your child gets at least 30 minutes of physical exercise each day. Research has shown that exercise can have a dramatic effect on decreasing insulin resistance. Both of these strategies can assist your child attain or maintain a normal weight and normal blood sugar levels.
It is mentioned that 1 child out of every 5 in the United States is overweight. One key ingredient to containing diabetes is eating healthy and knowing what to eat!

I have noticed that the Internet has a lot of information about what you cannot eat as a diabetic, but I want to show you what u CAN eat. Diabetes 2 symptoms in children can be a thing of the past if we have the right diet. There is a great diabetic cookbook with over 250 delicious recipes that I recommend. 


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