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Is There Really Something Such As Diabetes Cure?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Medicine is advancing tremendously today. More and more effective cures are being found for diseases that were at one time considered to be incurable. Researchers are also constantly in the quest for cures for new and hitherto unknown diseases. A lot of products today claim to be excellent cures for diabetes. But is there really something such as a 'diabetes cure'? Can one ever rid oneself permanently of the disorder?

Diabetes is a potentially dangerous disorder that involves the heightened presence of blood sugar. What makes this disease most unpredictable is that it is perfectly capable of remaining unnoticed for years inside its victim. 

While there are very specific symptoms related to the disease, there are times when it just does not show up for long periods of time. This can actually prove to be life-threatening, as it would have taken massive proportions before it can be diagnosed and treated. 

Type 2 Diabetes sometimes goes undiagnosed, as the patient reports no obvious signs of trouble. But if you are feeling sudden fatigue, tiredness and general irritability, if your wounds heal at a markedly slower pace than usual and if you experience intense itching, you just might need to visit your doctor and get a blood sugar test done as per his instructions.  

You are mostly at risk from Diabetes Mellitus after the age of 40-45. You have to be specially careful if you are obese, have a family history of the disorder or already suffer from some variety of an autoimmune disorder like hypothyroid and the like. 

> Can I expect my diabetes to be cured at any time?

Generally speaking, there is yet no known cure for diabetes. You can, of course, expect to control it perfectly well with medication, exercise and strict control on your diet and weight. There are many people all round the world who are leading perfectly happy, full lives in spite of suffering from diabetes. You have nothing to fear from it as far as you are well under control. 

> The honeymoon phase in diabetes

There are times when your blood sugar level will regulate itself automatically, without the need for external medication. But do not be fooled by this condition! This phase, very aptly called the 'honeymoon phase', is only temporary and will fade away with time. This phase may last for a maximum period of six months, after which you will most definitely require treatment as always. 

> Recent research

There is a lot of ongoing research in the field of diabetes today. Some people believe in home cures like consuming bitter gourd juice and the like. There are many Ayurvedic and natural, herbal products that claim to be able to cure one completely of their disease. However, it is always advisable to continue regular allopathic treatment. You could try your alternative medication side-by-side, but do not give up your regular medicine. 

Some of the most recent research on diabetes cure includes stem cell therapy. While this might emerge as the best diabetes cure in the future, nothing can be conclusively said about it at this time.

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