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Learn About the Signs of Diabetes in Women

Sunday, March 3, 2013

By >> Sara Morrison 

The signs of diabetes in women are not that different than those noticed in men but there are some differences that we need to take into account. The truth is that most people that have diabetes are women and in most cases they are obese. In the event that your diet is filled with fat instead of good carbohydrates and the fiber content is low, you are more likely to end up facing this disease. The good news is that you can avoid this by simply changing your diet and making it proper. However, type 2 diabetes can also appear because of genetic reasons. Please keep in mind that the term 'obese' actually means a weight that is at least twenty percent over the regular weight that you should have. In the event that you are obese, live a sedentary life and are over 45 the risks of developing type 2 diabetes are really high.
Keep in mind that there are also other factors that are going to increase the chances of having diabetes. The signs of diabetes in women appear in people of Asian, African, Hispanic or Aboriginal descents and are included together with any person that is obese or is faced with a family history that includes type 2 diabetes. In addition, if you are pregnant you can develop what is known as gestational diabetes. This is a clear indicator that you need to stay attentive in the future, to the specifics of the signs of diabetes in women.

> Common Signs of Diabetes in Women

There are different signs of diabetes in women and we do have to understand and be aware of all of them. Most of them are common and this means that there is a big chance that you are going to end up having them. The common signs of diabetes in women are extreme fatigue, drowsiness that appears without any apparent reason, blurred vision, weight gains, numbness, and tingling sensations in feet, hands, gum diseases and infections that are frequent and that heal difficultly. The common signs of diabetes in women can be some of these symptoms.

Uncommon Signs of Diabetes in Women

We also have some signs of diabetes in women that are not that common and that might appear only in some cases or not at all. These are headaches, depression, periods that are irregular, nightmares, insomnia, decaying toenails, and shin spots, pain after exercise and muscle aches. In the event that you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cataracts, anemia or stones in salivary glands then you might also be faced with Type 2 diabetes. The uncommon signs of diabetes in women can be some of these symptoms.

The Link between Diabetes, Chronic Dieting, and the specific signs of diabetes in women

There is a huge link between chronic dieting and diabetes in women. According to different studies we now know that around 50of all women have been, are or will diet. In addition, many women start a new diet every single month. Even teens will do this. We have reached a point in time where this approach is actually considered to be normal. The problem is that most women end up focused on improper diets. This will basically predispose teens to obesity when they reach their thirties or forties. Our recommendation is to focus on healthy eating and exercising instead of dieting. A strong weight loss diet is only recommended in the event that you are severely obese, and show the specific signs of diabetes in women.

The truth is that most women end up with diabetes because of not paying attention to their diets. As you can imagine, if you do pay attention to the particular signs of diabetes in women, what you eat and your lifestyle is active, you are basically preventing diabetes. In this case there is a strong chance that you will never have to deal with it in the future. However, if you notice these specific signs of diabetes in women you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible so that you are tested and a proper diagnosis is offered.

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